Be an Insurance Agent: Ways to Be Rich

Insurance Agent, Ways to Be Rich

  • Can pilgrimage or Umrah anytime
  • Ability to travel the world with ease
  • Have a happy old age
  • More appreciated in the neighborhood
  • Can bequeath property to children and grandchildren

be some benefits that would be obtained when the rich. Therefore, everyone wants to be rich. However, most of them do not know how to be rich. Being an insurance agent, one of the tricks to get rich. Is It True? This is because the income obtained an insurance agent every month or every year, there is no limit. More and more customers who purchase a policy or make a payment of insurance premiums, the higher the income from commissions plus bonuses that will be obtained.

Although basically, income from insurance agents influenced his career path. For insurance agents, have the potential salary per month can get approximately IDR 5 million, Associate Unit Manager approximately IDR 10 million per month, and see the complete here. Wow, fantastic is not it? Know, to become an insurance agent with promising earnings thus no capital to be issued. Just had to have some of the following requirements:

  • Have good communication skills. Many people with different characters will be encountered. To get a lot of customers, insurance agents should not be picky prospective customers. To be able to attract the sympathy of prospective customers from a variety of characters required good communication skills, which meet the following criteria: able to look at prospective customers when describing products, capable of carrying a tense atmosphere became relaxed, responsive in the face of questions, etc.
  • Have an agent license. This license can be obtained after passing the test of association related to insurance products that will be focused. This license is more than just a requirement to be able to offer insurance products to the public. License is also a professional or reliable indicator of whether an insurance agent.

For information, join a determines the size of the komisi agen asuransi that will be obtained. Relevance? If in a join, peers have a high motivation to attract as many customers will automatically be motivated anyway to do the same (try to be closer to success insurance agent with a follower on this FB account). Thus, the selection of an insurance company becomes very important when starting a career will become an insurance agent.

Prudential, the insurance company that should be shaded. Therefore, this company had a system that would make it easier to become rich. The principle of the system bergini, as you experienced agents would be in the top position. The more interesting candidate agents and then placed under you, the more successful you are. So, do not be afraid to hook prospective insurance agents because it would become a rival. Instead they will boost your success.

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